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New Cup After 6 Years

I bought my first menstrual cup, a Divacup (the smaller model I think), back in 2006 and I am still using it today. I'm thinking about getting a new cup though, but the problem is there is so much more choice! When I bought mine there was only the Keeper, Mooncup (UK), Divacup, (possibly Lunette) and the Instead disposables. As a guide, I'll tell you what is currently bugging me about my DivaCup:

- Dirty holes - can't get them clean anymore!
- Slightly dirty wording
- Slightly dirty stem

- Short stem! I can't remember when, could have been about after 4-5 years of continual pinching with my nails (for removal), it broke and was shortened. I've been able to work with the short stem, it just makes it a little harder sometimes..

- Slight discolouration, although sitting it on the shelf in the sun makes a big difference. I have never tried boiling it.

- Leaking.
(perhaps this is to do with insertion method/suction issues... but I'm really not sure)
-- Bigger leaking. This mostly occurs during the first 2-3 days when my period is the heaviest, and most commonly happens right after rising out of bed. Or it happens in the middle of the first/second night of my period if I haven't woken myself up to change.
--- Because of the above, having to wake myself up in the middle of the night for the first one-two days. I had to do this back when I was wearing pads, so annoying!
-- Smaller leaking. I think it happens at other times occasionally too but I don't really notice it because 1) I only have black underwear now 2) it's only a little bit so doesn't pose a threat to staining pants etc. I would like to feel I could wear lighter colours during the middle-tail end of my period without worries.

- Trouble popping open at times. Pretty sure I use the 7-fold.

My body:
I think I must have either a long or wide/loose vaginal canal because my bf can f*** me with the cup in without feeling it at times... (but maybe my bf is small, lol). My cervix seems average I think, at least it's not right near the entrance anyway!

My period:
roughly 7 days
light/medium for the first few hours
heaviest after first few hours to 1-2 days. best to change every 4-5 hours at this most annoying stage.
medium for half a day
light for the rest

I remember I came on here a few years ago, when I think cups such as the Lunnette, MeLuna, LadyCup, MiaCup, Femme were fairly new. I remember thinking about getting the Lunette because it had larger holes at that stage and was maybe a bit firmer? (Edit: I just read http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/2568357.html#cutid1, so perhaps for leaking and popping I should consider a softer cup?) However, now there are many more options and even the Australian made Juju. I'm Aussie, though I'm looking for quality (my goldilocks cup as they say), not area of make.

I haven't done this in so long. What sizes, brands, features would you recommend? Any good posts to re-direct me to? There is so much to find, sometimes I feel it's hard to find the good information.

Thanks for reading this far!

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