alpacalypse21 (alpacalypse21) wrote in menstrual_cups,

How do YOU remove your cup?

Hello! First of all, this is my first time posting to livejournal ever, so please forgive me if this ends up in the wrong place.

I'm on my first period with my Mooncup, size B, and have been doing a lot of research on insertion and removal techniques. I've found a lot of different techniques, particularly with a lot of different kinds of folds, but not so much with removal... mostly just a bunch of removal horror stories- eek! I'm still spending like ten minutes in the bathroom every time I try to remove it, so I want to look into different methods of taking it out in hopes that one of them will best suit my body.

So, what's your personal method of removing your menstrual cup that best suits you? (Any tips on avoiding a mess would also be greatly appreciated.)
Tags: removal
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