Rocío (phantomkat) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking due to clogged air holes?

I apologize for any mistakes in posting. I'm very new to livejournal.

Hello, fellow cup users! Currently I'm on my second day of my cycle with my DivaCup (small), and things have been going well with the learning curve. I've fixed some minor leaking problems by switching folds (7 fold to C-fold, which is easier to open and also gives better positioning). However, when I went to pee today I felt bubbling inside the cup (like a "vj fart", as a user in a post I read affectionately called it), and when I wiped I found some blood. Taking out the cup, I saw the cup was only half full, yet the air holes were filled with blood. The same thing happened yesterday, though the cup was full that time (so yes, the holes were also filled with blood). I know this isn't residual slobber because I made sure to get it all out the last time I went to the bathroom.

I know the Diva's air holes are smaller than other cups', and people have made them a bit bigger by using a needle. Does this sound like the cause of the minor leaking? I can't think of anything else other than perhaps my cervix is taking up some room in the cup on my heavy days, but that doesn't account for the bubbling sensation.

Thank you for any help!
Tags: divacup, leakage & spotting
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