dangeraddict (dangeraddict) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Choosing the right cup

I've been looking into cups for a while now and I thought I had found the one I wanted to buy ( a fleurcup) but now I'm not so sure. I looked over the size charts and different websites but I've been left even more confused than before.
1.I assume I have a long vagina because I have never felt my cervix before. My period should be happening today or tomorrow so I'll try to see if I can locate it then.
2. I have a pretty light flow. I use the lightest absorbency tampons because the regular ones never fill up. My period on the second day is slightly heavier so I don't think the small Meluna would do.
3. I have a fairly tight vagina. When I'm aroused I can fit two fingers in, but when I use the applicator for the light tampons I usually get an uncomfortable sensation like it might be too big for me.
4. I know that I do not want too stiff of a cup. Something that will be fairly easy to pop open. Removing light tampons isn't always that pleasant for me, so I shudder to think what a very stiff cup would feel like.

I don't know if it's relevant but I'm 19 and have never been sexually active.

Can someone here help me? I'm very excited to buy a cup but even more confused.

I went looking for my cervix today and I found that it's not even as far back as I thought! I suppose it's around 3.5 inches back. I'm just shocked that I even managed to find it be honest. So would that be considered short? or should I keep my eye on longer cups?
Tags: age, buying decisions, virginity
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