Sarcasticia Nitpickerson (tisiphone) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Sarcasticia Nitpickerson

Hi community!

Just a midsummer reminder about several things, nothing too serious!

  • Don't forget about mc_sales! This is our sister community for cup trades, sales, commercial site announcements, and giveaways - basically, if you want to physically exchange cups, that's the place to go! It's also a great place for related products like cloth pads, though we prefer to keep it menstrual product related.
  • New poster? Experiencing problems? Check out the links on the side of the community to read many, many entries about your problem, and check out the most recent entries. Chances are pretty good someone's recently posted something that's relevant to your interests.
  • Let's talk about tagging! The community currently is configured to allow you to choose your own tags, but we would ask that you do so judiciously. This is because we use the tags to organize the FAQ, so if posts are tagged with irrelevant or barely relevant tags they become less useful for other community members. I'd recommend picking the top three topics at most for your post. For example, if you're choosing between a Diva, a Mooncup, and a Lunette for your first cup and aren't sure how to fit it, I'd suggest "buying decisions" and "first-time user," rather than tagging each individual cup. This would be super awesome!

Especially for commercial sellers
This is just to let you know we're instituting a change of rules about how we handle commercial posts. Please understand that we do love retail sellers, and you're often our first sources of information about new cups and other exciting news. However, the volume of commercial traffic is getting out of hand and we've had some newer sellers that have abused the privilege of posting recently. It is important to keep in mind that this is primarily a user community, not a marketing venue, and we ask that you do respect that. The new rules are no big deal, just refinements of what we basically already do. In addition, commercial sellers are expected to follow the community rules.

  • Commercial posters must be upfront that they are commercial posters, and make it clear that they are promoting their own business rather than posing as customers or using other methods. It would be great if you could put something in your userinfo, although of course that is up to you.
  • All promotional and sales posts must go to mc_sales. This includes percent-off promotions, two-for-ones, and giveaways as well as other sale announcements. Any other content, like product reviews, questions, tips, etc. is definitely welcome here, as are new store announcements and new product announcements (in moderation).
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