rooskie5150 (rooskie5150) wrote in menstrual_cups,


I'm 15 virgin and really want to use a menstrual cup!  Honestly it is taking forever to insert it and I have wasted 3 periods just TRYING to insert it.  I have tried it on an angle, lying down, going in the shower, and almost everything else.  I try to relax as best I can.  The only fold I haven't tried is the labia but I fear i will loose grip on it and it will open halfway causing so much pain!  That has happened to me 3 times, I'm so close to getting it in and then POP and i just haft to get it out!  I really want to use a menstrual cup for various reasons and I have stuck my fingers into my vagina before, that is actually pretty easy to do.  I have a small Lunette, and the size really isn't overwhelming so I don't know what is going on.  Any other tips or help would be greatly appreciated!
Tags: first time use, insertion - painful or problems, lunette, virginity
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