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Hello everyone, new cup user here!

First off, let me apologize if I'm posting in the wrong area. I'm completely new to forums and such and don't really know what I'm doing yet lol =p I just created an account today in hopes of getting some help. I started researching cups a about 6 months back and finally decided to take the plunge, and though I'm excited and really want this to work, I need a little help.

So here goes... I bought the Moon Cup Keeper (the US one) and I'm having a few issues with it. The first month I used it, everything went great, after the learning curve of course lol. No leaking or anything and I was finally able to be comfortable with my periods for the first time in my life. Oh it was wonderful! But then, I developed some sort of problem to it. The stem really started irritating me no matter how it was positioned, to the point I finally just cut the whole thing off in hopes that that would solve the problem. Unfortunately, it didn't and it completely rubs me raw even though it doesn't feel sharp or anything when I've taken it out to inspect it. It then started causing me to have yeast infections. I realize the cups themselves don't have anything in them to become allergic to or anything, but is it possible that my body is rejecting this foreign object? I went to the doctor and I did in fact have a yeast infection so I do know it was that for sure, but after I healed up, I thought I'd give it a go again on the next cycle. Before I reinserted it, I boiled the cup to make sure there wasn't any yeasties or anything so as not to reinfect myself. It started out ok, but then the spot where the stem used to be started rubbing me raw again. Long story short, for 3 cycles I have ended with the treatment of Monistat. I love my Moon Cup, I truely do, but I hate those darn yeasties as much as the next girl and I really don't want to keep going through this. Somebody told me that once you get one, you have to throw the cup away and start fresh with a new one. Is this true? I really don't want to keep reinfecting myself, but they can get expensive if that's the case. I wash my cup in between changing times and boil it at the end of the cycle so that shouldn't be the issue right? It just seems that it's caused from the stem area. I used to use pads, but they irritated my skin. Then I tried tampons and couldn't handle them due to a tilted cervix and never being able to get them in the right position. After trying the cup, it was the most comfortable thing ever and I really want it to work out. I thought about switching to the Diva Cup as I've heard that they are similar in shape, but I thought they were all basically made of the same material so wouldn't that cause the same problems? Also, does anyone know why the Diva Cup is suggested to be replaced yearly as opposed to other brands saying 5-10 years? I'm willing to try any brand of cup if anyone knows of one that tends to cause less irritation. I only bought the Moon Cup because it's made in the U.S. and I live in Missouri. Therefore making shipping costs cheaper and faster =) 

I should also note that I am 27, married, no children and although I am on birth control, I am unable to use the NuvaRing for similar issues. Though it doesn't rub me raw, it does cause me to get yeast infections as well =/ 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Again, sorry if these questions have already been answered or if I posted in the wrong area. Please feel free to direct me to the right spot if that's the case. Thank you =)
Tags: allergies - silicone, brand comparisons, chafing/irritation, cup lifespan, divacup, health risks, keeper moon cup, yeast infections
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