abbywangsterful (abbywangsterful) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First attempt failed

I'm 15 and a virgin. I ordered size 1 Lunette. Today, because I was expecting my period, I tried to use it. I tried the punch-down fold and a mirror (though I'd consider myself very familar with my anatomy). I didn't think I had a hymen until today. I stayed very relaxed (in the beginning, at least). I squatted on the ground and such, but I couldn't get it near in. At one point I let go and it popped (which was excrutiating). I tried to bear down. I feel like my vagina disappeared because I had NO idea where it was. The punch-down fold seemed like the smallest fold to me. After about 10minutes, now crying and in pain, I tried with a finger. No problem. I can handle fingers, that's easy, but the cup seemed impossible. I eventually gave up because I was stressed out, cussing at my vag, and probably tensed up. It hurt sooo bad to sit down and down there still hurts a little bit.
I don't want to wait, but that was such a negative experience, another part of me never wants to try again. I read up a lot before buyingn and I really want it to work out!
Does anyone have advice?
Tags: dry run, first time use, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, lunette, virginity

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