Stef (morningapproach) wrote in menstrual_cups,

So after this post earlier ( about meluna cups having a canadian website and being half off, I am ordering two different cups. I have questions about the size though, and am curious to know what others think. 

I have a very short vagina, and low riding cervix (I can insert my finger to the second knuckle and feel my cervix). I am almost 29 and have never given birth.  I am currently using a small Divacup turned inside out with the stem cut entirely off. I have a light-medium flow (my cup is NEVER full, even when I go 12-18 hrs without emptying it), and have no issues with insertion or anything. 

I am thinking about getting a Pink Meluna soft cup in size Medium, and a purple classic cup in size medium.  Am I correct in thinking that a Medium size would be good? Or should I go for the small one?  The guide on this website ( says that a medium should be appropriate for my flow, but not my age. The capacity of the small though is more in line with what I need. 

Also, since the softcup is so soft, do you think it will be a large trial and error period/learning curve to learn the softer cup? Will I need a stem/ball/ring to remove it since it is softer, or will the basic with grips be enough?

Thanks for any advice :)
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