neetzsche (neetzsche) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Small cup with more capacity?

This is my first cycle using cups and I am very happy with them. All signs point to my Meluna medium fitting well, except for this 6 hour stretch on my second day when I have a very heavy flow and need to clean it every other hour. I'm willing to admit some of the leaking is probably part of my inexperience, but it's annoying. Usually I wear a pad during this time, but I bought cups wanting to eventually stop using external products.

So I think I need a larger cup for then. The thing is, I'm 23, exercise regularly, and have not been pregnant. I know cups can be too big, at least length wise, but can they actually be too wide? I'm about 55 mm to the very back.

I also wanted to buy a silicone cup, since I know the cheaper ones can work for me. I'm considering the large Si-Bell or Fleurcup, but I don't want to risk it being too big. I'm wanting as close to a 30 ml capacity I can get without breaking myself.
Tags: heavy blood flow, sizes/size issues
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