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ready to quit cups - meluna delaminating

AGH.  I have gone through 2 cups in less than a year.  I had a small LadyCup, and the holes tore within 6 months - I couldn't find my receipt, so I couldn't get a replacement.  Now, today, I noticed that my Small Soft (old-style) Meluna is delaminating at the top, near the seam - there's blood between layers of the cup.  I am SO mad because I've only had it for 6 months, and I can't afford to buy a cup every 6 months when they're supposed to last 5-10 YEARS.  I wipe it with TP every time I empty it and wash it with soap every time I shower.  I've boiled it once, and soaked it in peroxide once.  According to the company, UV is the only thing that should damage them, and I haven't let it sit in the sun.  I HATE tampons, but I don't want to keep buying cups if they're going to keep falling apart.  Either I need a sturdier cup, or maybe I'll convert back to cloth pads only?  (But I bleed A LOT at the beginning - don't mind emptying my cup every hour but don't want to wear pads only on heavy days.)

Anyone know if Meluna has a guarantee?  (I bought it through, so I don't know if Meluna will cover it even if they do have a warranty.)  Has this happened to anyone else?  Maybe a stiffer cup would be sturdier?  I have a low cervix / prolapse repair and the old soft Meluna is the ONLY thing that I've tried that doesn't hurt - LadyCup, SoftCup, Diva, and Tampons all feel like they're going to poke through into my bladder and ache a lot.  

Sorry if this has come up before, but I'm not finding any old posts about similar problems when I search the site.
Tags: cup lifespan, customer service, meluna, meluna - soft

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