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I've been lurking around here for about a month and a half, read everything (I think) I could find remotely related to my issues, and have finally decided to try posting.  I apologize in advance if this gets long or TMI - I've been trying to compose it in my head for awhile and am now typing when I should be sleeping.

I'm almost 32 and have had 3 children vaginally (9lb2oz, 9lb1oz, 10lb9oz).  I've always been a pad user, never got the hang of tampons, but recently my friend waxed so enthusiastic about her DivaCup that in a fit of frustration with my pads I went and bought one.  I'm on my 3rd day of my second full cycle with the DivaCup and keep having trouble with it riding super low.  My last cycle I had so much trouble getting it to stay in at all comfortably that I kept taking it out and never tried it overnight.  This time I've turned it inside out (as per advice read here) and finally tried it overnight the first night of this period - which actually turned out to be the most comfortable wearing and I had no leaks!

However.  Even with the stem trimmed way off, if I wear it right side out it pokes me.  When it's inside out I feel like I get it up where I think it should be, but it quickly migrates back down (not up, which is the issue I was prepared for).  It also seemed to make me feel more like I had to pee, though I haven't noticed that so much today, so maybe I'm adapting.  However, when I actually sit down to pee, I feel I have to first reposition the cup or remove it, because it's often so low that I can touch it without even putting my finger inside of myself and I'm afraid I'll pee on it and contaminate my vagina (is that actually possible?) or accidentally push it the rest of the way out.  Ditto times two for going number two (well, not the contamination, but the accidental removal).  I can tell it sometimes creeps down while I'm walking around too because it starts to feel like it's pushing the opening wider (as in sitting in the opening instead of up high).  I also don't love wearing it inside out because the middle tends to kind of squish in when I'm trying to push it up, which can be awkward.  I've tried finding my cervix and while I'm not entirely certain I'm feeling the right thing, no matter which way I go I hit a dead end with just the length of my forefinger.

I'm wondering if part of the problem is that my vaginal muscles are too loose?  I tried doing some Kegels this month, but admit I wasn't very consistent or regimented about it.  I'm also thinking I might be happier with a shorter cup - probably something in the medium range on the chart.  Any recommendations as to which one might be good?  I'm not too worried about width at insertion - I've been doing a rough c-fold with the Diva with no trouble and it opens pretty quickly after entry.  I don't think I've gotten it much more than half full and my periods aren't usually super heavy - but with three kids (ages almost 2, 4, and 7) I'd love to have something I could change in the morning before they get up and then not have to worry about again until they're in bed - or at least until naptime :P.

Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions, etc.

P.S. Advice on how to make my Diva experience more comfortable would also be highly appreciated, as I may not be able to afford a different cup right away.
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