everyoneisemo (everyoneisemo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time user with possibly tmi question

Hey guys. I just started using my MeLuna cup and it's great, and the posts on here have really helped me get used to it!

Buuut, I keep noticing a light brown discharge both on the inside and outside of the cup, even now that I've definitely started bleeding. I'd think it was the obvious thing, but I haven't had a BM since my bleeding started. My impression, from years of pad and tampon use, is that the old blood is drier and darker than this. Is that just because once it's been on my pad or tampon for a while it darkens and dries? I've really never noticed this discharge before I put in my cup two days before I started my bleeding for real.

Also, no blood has gotten out of the cup, but I'm still finding this discharge on the outside of it.

Tags: meluna

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