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Easiest folds for Small Lunette?

After an immense amount of trouble with my Diva Cup, I ordered a small Lunette Selene a bit ago. My period came yesterday, and for the first time I've been trying to insert the Lunette. 
Insertion really isn't an easy thing for me. Thankfully, the Lunette isn't as big as the (small) Diva I used to have, so I can go quite far before I feel the need to pull it out. When I had my Diva, for the first insertion, I must have opened it to early (?) & not have let it seal by popping it open (since it's rather notorious for it's strong suction) and I went through an incredible amount of pain that felt like my uterus was being ripped out and my vagina was being sucked out. Alas, I am now terrified to try again with my Lunette even though it has (thank goodness) much bigger suction (?) holes and is smaller. 

Today I had another go at it. I mostly have done the punch-down fold, but this requires me to go very far before letting go of the cup, so I don't think it's for me just yet. I'd appreciate ideas on more narrow folds like the punch-down as I'm a virgin and I've never really gone past insertion with cups besides tampons. 
I might have another try at the 7-fold, although I have rather weak fingers so I can't hold folds that long and as far as the 7-fold goes. 
Thanks in advance! 
Tags: first time use, insertion, insertion - folding methods, lunette selene, virginity
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