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First time user having problems with her 'dry run' :(

Hi, sorry if this is too long!

I am a first time user of a menstrual cup (mine is a Femmecup) and I've tried using it twice now, not on my period, so both just a 'dry run', and both times I had the exact same problems. Just so you know, I'm 17, and currently sexually active.

Both times, I used the 'lotus'/'punch-down' folding method, as it is the narrowest and I have quite a tight vagina, and was squatting, as I squat when I put in tampons and it's the most comfortable for me. The cup went in fine, without any pain, which I was happy about. However, I am almost 100% sure that it didn't 'pop open' on it's own as I was expecting it to. So, I tried doing what I had read - running a finger around it to make it pop open, but nothing happened, and I could feel for myself that it hadn't popped open. In fact, the second time, I think it just stayed in the folded position completely. 

Then I stood up and walked around a bit and I couldn't feel it at all which I was also happy about.

Then I tried to take it out, using the methods I had read about - I inserted two fingers and tried to squeeze the cup to release the seal, but as the cup hadn't even popped open, this did nothing. So then I tried bearing down and pulling on the stem, and then reaching further up and pulling on the cup itself, because I thought that as it hadn't popped open and formed a seal it would just come out as easy as it had gone in. However, it was at this point, both times, that I suddenly felt it pop open, but when I ran my finger around I could tell that it still hadn't popped open completely, it was basically just squashed in half (like the first step of the 'c fold' method).

After a lot more pulling and bearing down it finally came out, but it wasn't easy to pull out, I could feel it resisting as if it had formed a seal, and as the rim of the cup finally came out it hurt quite a lot because it stretched the entrance to my vagina quite wide - almost as wide as the cup itself, because by now it had actually popped open basically completely.

So my questions are:
  1. How do I know if it's popped open, and if it hasn't how do I make it pop open. Also, as I'm sure no woman's vagina is perfectly circular, could the cup still form a seal if it isn't completely popped open, as I think my cup may have done?
  2. How do i get it out?! I'm just worried that I'm going to have the same problem getting it out every time I try using it.
  3. Finally, I was thinking about it, and I had this thought: If I can only get it in when it is folded, then won't I only be able to get it out (without pain) when it is folded? But if it's full of blood then folding it will cause all of the blood to spill out?
Again, sorry if this was too long, but any thoughts and advice would be great, THANKYOU!
Tags: age, dry run, femmecup, first time use, insertion, insertion - folding methods, popping open, removal, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, sexual activity

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