ozonemama (ozonemama) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking and Residual

I have been struggling with a cup for about 5 months now and would really appreciate any advice you folks could offer. So here are the details:

I have a fairly high cervix that does move down for a few days of my cycle and is pretty dangly.  I also apparently have rather firm muscles to contend with and a heavyish flow.  I know I need a firm cup (I have tried ladycup, naturalmamma, soft and classic meluna and am currently using lg lunette which is the only one of the above listed that will pop open on its own.) That being said, no matter what I do I have brown and pink when I wipe after peeing which I assume is residual stuff hanging around up there. I also seem to be having some leaking issues this cycle that are happening after the cup has been in for a short amount of time. So here is my question. My cervix is clearly sitting inside the cup and I am looking to get either a xl meluna sport or small lunette with the thinking being I either need higher capacity to accomodate my cervix displacement or a smaller diameter so that not as much is sitting inside the cup. I was thinking that if less of the cervix is inside the cup this might also cut down on the residual stuff  but I am not sure what I should do.

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