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A couple questions

Hi everyone. :D First off, I just want to say thanks! First time posting, but I've been following since October, when I first started looking at cups. All the posts and charts and everything have been hugely helpful.

So I have a Size 1 DivaCup now, which I love. The only problem is that on my heaviest days, I have to change it every 3 hours or so. That was fine when I had a flexible schedule in college, but I just graduated and am going to be working and I'm worried about leaking if I can't get to a bathroom frequently enough. I'm looking at the high-capacity cups (large Yuuki, XL MeLuna, large Fleurcup, etc.) and am trying to pick out which one might be best for me.

So here are my questions.

1. I'm fairly sure that the main reason I have to empty so often is that my cervix hangs in the cup, since the Diva is usually only 1/2 or 2/3 full when it begins to leak. Do any of the high-capacity cups have more volume in the bottom of the cup compared to around the rim? Is that related to the length or kind of irrelevant? (I'm fine with length, as I understand that the Diva is one of the longer ones and I have a little wiggle room with mine.)

2. Another question I have is if I should get a second cup now or wait until I get a paycheck. I'm trying to save until my job starts in late July, but the thing is that the job is in Japan. Are there sellers that ship to Japan or should I get one before I leave? I'm in the US now. Also, if I order from the manufacturer or an online shop like FeminineWear or Zanashop how long do they typically take to arrive in the US? I'm just worried that even if I order one now it won't arrive until after I've left.

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