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cup crushed by vagina?

Happy Saturday Everyone,

After making some lifestyle changes, I'm starting to suspect that my cups are being crushed by my body. :0
A few things that might be relevant:  I became more physically active (more strength/core exercises), I started following a stricter version of a vegetarian diet, I lost weight (nothing drastic, maybe about a 5% change in my body weight).  I'm not sure if these changes would cause my cervix to "hang/dangle" into my cup or some other effect...but the problems started happening after I made the changes and stuck with them for a few months.

During the past two cycles I began to notice that my soft MeLunas were coming out compressed in an extremely flattened oval shape.  (Much more than the usual squishing you normally see.)  At that point, it wasn't causing me any problems.  However, this cycle my large Si-Bell, which is usually the cup I use for heavier days, began to leak. It was almost as though I could tell when it was about to start leaking, I'd get this air bubbly sensation and then it would start.  (A sensation I normally feel during insertion and removal.)  It wasn't due to the cup being full either, since it was half full at most.  When I inserted the cup, I let it open lower and made sure it was fully open, which has always worked for me before.
Although it would give me a good excuse to try out the new MeLuna sport ;) , I'm really bummed about this since I've developed an emotional attachment to my soft cups! Has anyone had anything similar happen to them/any advice or perhaps can point me in the direction of a post I may have overlooked?


Tags: leakage & spotting, sports/physical activities, vegan/vegeterian
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