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Leakage Problems

I've gone through the other leakage posts, and as much as they've given me lots of ideas, none of them seem to be helping much. I'm using a Diva Cup, size 1, and despite working with it for more than a year now I've only had one period go by without significant leaking. Sometimes I end up with much more fluid leaked than the cup actually holds, and not just when I go from sitting or laying to standing--it happens after two hours on my feet as often as it happens when I wake up in the morning. I've tried different folds and insertion methods, trying to get a better seal, but without much luck. 

I do have a low cervix, so I've considered trying the larger size, but I'm reluctant to drop another $35 on it (or any other new cup) without some confidence that it will help. 

I'm really dreading going back to just tampons, but if I'm going to be leaking this much it's just not going to work out for me because the whole point was to be able to avoid the discomfort of using pads as backup. I'm desperate for ideas. 
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