sparklemooo (sparklemooo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

washing my cup - do I HAVE to boil it?

all this talk of periods the last few days has made my period arrive- yay! it's been a few months as I have PCOS and am irregular. 

I have always just rinsed mine in cool water and reinserted it or air dried it. I see talk of boiling and sterilising cups but I have never done this - am I putting myself at risk of infection do you think? I seem to find that a rinse under the tap gets it clean and it never smells but wondered if boiling or sterilising is really very important?

I would appreciate feedback about this - since I am new to the community (but not new to cups) I wonder if I need to make a few changes? I have a couple of Melunas indifferent sizes that I amusing :)

Tags: cleaning - sterilising solution, meluna

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