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MeLuna is smellier?

I just finished my second cycle using a medium MeLuna as secondary cup to my much beloved small Lunette.

I love that it's blue (my Lunette is quite discolored now). I actually like that it's so squishy - more comfy at the end of my cycle. I like it.

However, it seems to pick up smells much faster (and much worse) than my Lunette. With my Lunette, a quick boil or afternoon in the sun and the scent is gone - and I only have to do that about twice a year. Nothing seems to be kicking it on my MeLuna. Is it that it's a thermoplastic elastomer? Is there a better way to handle it for a MeLuna? I am this close to soaking it in my lavender Doc Bronner's because it just smells so bad. (Seriously, my vagina doesn't smell this bad. If it did, I would be at the doctor.)
Tags: cleaning - smells, meluna

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