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one million noob questions

Hi, everyone. I just got my first menstrual cups, the MeLuna mini S and classic M. I'm 2 weeks away from my period but I'm wearing the mini to control my cervical fluid, and it's refreshing yet odd to be totally dry down there.

But when the flow gets going, what are the characteristics of a well-fitting cup? How much will it leak during your period? When it's full? Continuously? Just at the beginning where the blood in the lower vagina leaks out? Not at all? They're opening up and staying in place well. Insertion and removal are tricky but I trust it'll get better over time.

Also, my cervix is a bit odd. when I feel for it, it's always a bit to the left, but during my pelvic, I asked the doctor about it, and she said she saw that it was right in the middle when the speculum was in. She also said it was a bit to the left during the bi-manual exam. Does anyone else have a cervix like this? And has it effected your cup usage at all?

Also also, how do you explain cup usage to a partner? If things start getting hot and heavy, I don't want my boyfriend freaking out as I suddenly pull a piece of plastic out of my vagina.

So far they're awesome, but I'd thought I'd ask for any "heads up" tips.

PS, I just looked at MeLuna's website and the color ("farbe") drop-down menu seems to be grayed out on their cup pages. What's the deal?
Tags: cervix position, dry run, family & friends, leakage & spotting, meluna, tilted uterus

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