per5ephone (per5ephone) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Buying a 2nd cup - which brand?

Hello everyone,

This is my first post, so I hope it's done correctly.

I got my first cup recently, a small Lunette, after much research and deliberation.  It works well for me but my cervix only just fits inside - the posterior part of my cervix doesn't quite fit in, but this doesn't cause much discomfort, much less than tampons which "bump" my cervix. 

I have a low cervix so need a short cup, wide enough to fit my cervix inside and with big enough capacity to handle a fairly heavy flow.  I have removed the stem of my Lunette as otherwise it sticks out. 

I want to get a second cup, to see if my cervix fits in better.  I am considering a Fleurcup or Yuuki because I want a soft cup to reduce the pressure on my bladder and interference with urination that I get with the small Lunette.  However, I am not sure which size - the larges put me off because I'm worried they will be too big and put pressure on my bladder, or be too long.  The Femmecup size seems attractive but its capacity is too small.  The small Fleurcup might have the same issue about not fitting my cervix in as the Lunette?!

I would really appreciate any advice.  I wanted to get both a small and large Fleurcup to try but the price is an issue, especially if they're not right for me. 
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