sparklemooo (sparklemooo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Meluna Sports Cup!

I'm very excited to see that there is a new cup range from Meluna! Their new Sports Cup is designed to be a stiffer version of the original and I plan to order one next week when I get paid. 

I love my Melunas but find I have trouble getting them to pop open in the right spot. I have issues with feeling mine once they are in - I seem to have a long vagina and very short fingers so I am hoping these cups will pop easily and solve that problem for me. 

p.s. - I am a long time cup user from New Zealand but this is my first post here - I am pleased to have found this place to discuss and get great information!
The hardest part of ordering is trying to decide what size and handle to get - I love that they have such an amazing range!

Here is the link to the new ones -

Tags: meluna, popping open
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