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My cup is filled with joy

It has now been almost 4 days since I first tried a menstrual cup.  The DivaCup to be exact.

I'm a Murphy's law kind of girl so I figured nothing would go right for me and my money would have been wasted.  I just knew I would have to convince my husband that I needed to buy name brand after name brand of cups and then finally find out I would never be able to use a cup for some bizarre reason.

Alas, no.  Today, after only 3 days, I did NOT leak AT ALL!!!!  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy. 

To quote a friend that recommended cups to me: 
It has revoluntionalized the BLEEP out of my period!!

I'm also a sharing kind of girl.  I have told clients, friends, co-workers, and random people about menstrual cups.  Shout it from the rooftops.  I ALMOST told the girl next to me eating crab legs at the casino.  I didn't because my husband would have been mortified.  If he hadn't been eating his crab legs so yummy and enjoying our date night so well, I would have looked over at her and said, "I no longer hate my period....and that is thanks to a menstrual cup."

I am a success story!!  Sleeping, OMG sleeping with it the cup is just heaven.  No more waking up to gushing and worrying about my underwear and the sheets.  No more sleeping like a mummy on my back just to wake up sore and even more tired. 

I sleep however the hell I want to now.  Seriously, why am I 33 years old and just now making peace with my period?  Oh well, better late than never!
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