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Oh dear...

I joined livejournal just to post here asking for help after receiving my Mooncup size B and trying it out today. I'm not put off by cups, but I have had a really terrible experience.

I don't know how to hide things for after the jump so I just want to say this could be a trigger if you're put off by pain, (non-menstrual) blood, or just bad things happening to your girly bits in general. This will also be very TMI, but that's what this place is for right?

That said, I am 5'2", 17, non-virgin, 110lbs. Basically, I received it in the mail yesterday and tried for a dry run. I used the C fold to insert it which turned out to be a horrible idea for me. Extreme discomfort. Deal with it! No! Bad idea! Get it out! Having this thing in me was SOOO uncomfortable that I was fighting to rip it out within 2 minutes. It made me feel like I had to pee and was very painful on my vaginal walls. So, time to remove it. I tug. I twist. I attempt to break the seal. It doesn't budge. I'm almost in tears from the pain but trying desperately to relax.

Take a breather... get my fingers out of there for a few minutes-- I see that they're covered in blood and there are bits of tissue on them! Either in insertion or attempt at removal I tore something in my vagina. What?! I eventually wrangle the little bugger out of my baby birther and the outside of it is covered in chunky thick pink blood : ( Since it was on the outside I'm guessing it all happened on the way down and out, not on the way in. Removal was so unbearably painful. I had to sit on my toilet holding toilet paper to my vagina with one hand for like 20 minutes till I stopped oozing and after I put a pantyliner on... Spent the next 2 hours laying in bed with extreme vaginal pain feeling completely drained, I guess from what I had gone through. It was a million times worse than losing my virginity, which was fine.

I was super sad that the cup thing didn't work out for me after having spent my money on it and all, so I gave it another go this morning! I figured the C fold was too wide for me and used the 7 fold today. I was right and it went in fine! Could barely feel it except the stem which drove me crazy, but I'm waiting to see how things shift during my period before I trim it or anything. I had it in all day and just went to my bathroom to remove it (I have super heavy discharge so I just left it in and tried to get used to things today, might as well take advantage!). I felt more knowledgeable about how things would go this time, and insertion had gone so well. Nope. Took several positions and 30 minutes to get it out. Sat on the toilet, put a foot on the toilet, put a foot on the bathroom counter, laid on my back, squatted on my feet, sat on my knees with my legs spread... absolutely NOTHING helped get it out.

I twisted. I squished the base. I got the base to hang out, but the rim refused to budge. A few times I managed to get a finger in there at the same time and break the seal, but then with it squished out all wide like that, how am I supposed to pull it out?! I eventually sucked it up and pulled it out, again blood all over the rim of it. I figured whatever I tore yesterday could only be out of my way at this point but I guess not. The pain was just as bad today. I've been trying not to cry ever since. I'm in a lot of pain. I really want to make this work but I simply DON'T understand how to remove it. I did manage to get it inside of me and not feel it once it was in, so I feel like this cup could be a good fit for me.

1) Please, does anyone know how to remove these things painlessly? I've been reading the removal sections on here but nothing seems to apply to me. : ( I don't think anyone else has had an experience like this. How do you get only one edge of it out at a time? The whole thing seems to want to pop out at once and wreck me. Which it does. Successfully.

2) Has anyone else injured themselves so badly with this they bled like I did?! This is unbearable. I'm so sore.

Also, I am positive I am not on/starting my period. I'm on the pill and never have spotting in between. I'm positive this blood is from the trauma. I even identified where it's coming from, it tore somewhere on the upper/front left side. I also tried wetting things down to ease insertion/removal, didn't make a difference except I couldn't grip anything. I know my body very well and have never had any problems of this nature before.

If anyone has any advice on how I can not hurt myself I'd really appreciate it. ANY removal advice will be very appreciated. Hearing someone else say this happened to them too would be nice on one hand, but on the other, I sincerely hope nobody here can relate to what I'm going through. My whooole entire pelvis hurts right now and this was a horrible experience. :'(

Thank you guys so much. I'm sorry this post is massive. : (

Tags: dry run, first time use, removal, removal - painful or problems

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