Senator McArseface Dongle (senator_dongle) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Senator McArseface Dongle

Instead Cup slips sideways

I'm dipping my toe into the the menstrual cup pool, after bad experiences with tampons and the fact I bleed like a stuck pig on my heavy days.

I've tried to get the soft cup in with some ky, without lube... Sitting on the edge of the bed feet flat, leaning back, feet up on the desk with legs akimbo, spread eagle. Just about everything but stand on my head.

The cups get in about half their length when pinched shut before they go "Nope!" and turns 90 degrees from the correct orientation. Sometimes I get almost there, feel it start to angle and my vagina jettisons it as soon as I readjust my hand. I also reach a certain point and it really kinda hurts.

I'm an almost 27 year old virgin. I have PCOS, and I'm obese with most of my winter stores around my middle. Any suggestions?
Tags: first time use, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, instead, virginity

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