lw42 (lw42) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time user Mooncup difficulties

Hello all,

I know there have been many posts about first time cup users... Let me just say I love the idea of the cup already but I'm experiencing difficulties with insertion. I am going to persevere and try squatting - initially I have tried standing with one foot on the toilet as this is how I insert tampons. This didn't work, it went in a little but then popped open which hurt and was uncomfortable. I am also going to get some water based lubricant.

I have also tried the 'C' position which was too wide, the 7 which was easier but still not successfull. When I try again I think I will try the pushdown (?) or origami..

I was wondering though whether a Meluna would be better? I went for the Mooncup on the spur of the moment when I went to buy tampons and have found it quite stiff. I have read that the Meluna is softer and hopefully therefore easier to insert?

FYI I am 29, no children, sexually active.

thanks in advance for any advice. Lx
Tags: buying decisions, first time use, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, meluna - soft, mooncup (uk)
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