melissa569 (melissa569) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Interesting eBay Cup Findings...

Just showing everyone some interesting things I found on eBay.  First I found the old “Green Donna” cup, once again disguised as “moon cup” in the pink box.  Shaped pretty much exactly like Lunette, here:

Then I saw one titled “New Women’s Menstrual Cup”, and upon closer examination, I noticed it too looked exactly like Lunette, only a vibrant pink color.  There is also one in a lighter pink in another listing:

But the REALLY interesting one is this one—the Green Donna (disguised as moon cup) packaging, but the cup itself is a replica of the newer “NaturalMamma” cup!  Which is strange, because  I remember the NaturalMamma cup I got as a sample had “green donna” on the pouch tag…  Of course the owner told me there was no connection, but now I’m wondering did someone copy her cup design??  I mean the way they did Lunette?:

Just as a reminder, here is the REAL NaturalMamma cup:

What do you all think?  Getting pretty interesting, hm? lol
Tags: brand comparisons, green donna, lunette, naturalmamma
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