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Currently seeking ideal Cup mate. Plus a million questions.

Okay so here's the deal.  I have PCOS and know nothing about my womanly parts save for the copious amounts I know about my ovaries.  I have no idea why and am super embarrassed I don't know more about my body, but I'm getting better and you all are doing a fantastic job of teaching me a plethora of things I had no idea about.   Like that my cervix moves, how cool and weird is that. I am set on trying out this cup lifestyle because tampons are really irritable and leak on me unless I'm using O.B. for some reason and they are crazy expensive!  And I feel like a spoiled brat for throwing all this bleached cotton in my body and wherever it ultimately ends up, like I'm not being grateful to the planet and my body or something.  I tried finding my cervix this morning to figure out cup size...and I'm not really sure what I found.  Basically I'm convinced there is a monster living in my vagina, but maybe one of you more knowledgeable folks can confirm if I found my cervix?

Everything was going fine and dandy while I was looking for this elusive body part when I ran into the end of "to infinity and beyond".  At that beyond point I began to bleed everywhere like I just lost a limb or something.  It started out as a little drop on my finger and then WHOOSH the flood was a comin'.  It is approximately an hour later and I'm not bleeding anymore and havent been for quite a while..I have NO IDEA if that is normal or not! I don't think it was any left over hymen but I could be wrong.  I've had pap smears and all kids of poking and prodding appointments over the past 7 years thanks to my PCOS so I feel like it should just not be there. It did feel kinda weird and had an interesting texture.  It wasn't my grumpy g-spot that feels like a carpet of walnuts or anything like that.  Maybe it was my cervix and it was being particularly sensitive and I made it cry tears of blood...hopefully someone can shed light on this topic.

If it WAS my cervix, apparently it is sitting back around 4 inches...which is pretty far for my tiny little stubs of fingers...but I have no idea if normal fingers consider this high or normal or low.  I am also currently ovulating so idk if that affects cervix position or is helpful information or not.

Because I'm ovulating it hurt pretty bad doing this little dance up in there...but I'm particularly sensitive everywhere during this time of the month.  Is there anyone with PCOS out there who use cups that can speak of its pain level during a period?  I'm not a wimp, I'm just also not all WOO YEAH PAIN BRING IT!

Ive seen people mentioning sneezing and losing suction and various levels of squishiness helping it not leak during sneezes.  Is there an ideal squishy factor I should be looking for?  I have pretty bad spring and summer allergies, think multitudes of tornadoes exiting my body per day.

I've never been penetrated by anything other than a million medical tools which always cause a crapload of pain but I can wiggle a few fingers around pretty freely without pain so I'm guessing a small size cup isn't required right?  I don't really know how to figure out these things.

I had my eye on a LadyCup but I'm not really sure if this will fit the bill or not?  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Thanks to everyone who is so amazing here and reading that ridiculous amount of information and randomness.  :)

P.S.  I did take an in depth look at the sizing charts, faq, and all of that monkey business...but it still just isn't clicking in my little brain! :|
Tags: cervix position, hymen, lady cup, ovarian cysts

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