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Flyers in bathroom stalls.

I'm 16 and a sophomore in high school. I have a Divacup and love it, so I wanted to share how great of a product this is and to spread the word that there's more than just tampons and pads. I looked in the flyers section here and found these really awesome, youthful flyers that might spark some teenagers interest:

So a few weeks ago I printed some out and taped about 10 of them on the inside of some of the bathroom stalls ( So when your sitting on the toilet you can read it because it's taped on the door.) Every once and a while I would tape a few up. Then yesterday I put 6 up on different floors. So far I hadn't heard anyone talking about them. Then today I was in class and I heard two of my friends talking.
Girl #1: Did you see those flyers for those things in the bathroom.
Girl #2: Yeah ... menstrual cups?
Girl #1: Yeah, I just threw it away.
Girl #2: Good, that doesn't belong here.

At first it bummed me out. It doesn't belong here? It's sad that people can't talk about menstruation without feeling that there's something inappropriate about it. I just had to remind myself that I was grossed out at first too and I never did any research because I wasn't interested. Then a little later I started researching because I got curious, and that's the point of posting these flyers. I want other menstruating person's to at least know what menstrual cups are and that they DO have options.

I just wanted to share.:)
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