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Septate hymen and menstrual cups!

Hi! I am a 16 year old virgin, and I just figured I have a septate hymen (separated in two "holes"). I just bought a LadyCup, size small, and I haven't tried it yet. I'm really scared it will be very painful if I insert the LadyCup, and even more scared I won't get it out! 

I can't get two fingers inside my hymen (can get one in) but my friend, who also have a septate hymen, can get two fingers inside. She says that before she couldn't either fit two fingers into one of the holes, but she did a little stretching, and now she can almost fit three fingers inside. 
Is the septate hymen going to be a problem for any of us? I can use a tampon, but sometimes it's a little hard to get out, because of the hymen "string" in the middle, Is that going to be a problem when using a LadyCup? Is it possible to break this hymen, just like other types of hymens, without surgery or sex? (or at least expand one of the holes?)

I really hope someone can help me, both me and my friend are getting a little nervous about this :P
Tags: first time use, hymen, lady cup, removal, removal - painful or problems, virginity
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