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Big Lunette or big Diva?

Hello, I've just discovered this community and I already find it amazing. It's great to see a place where women can talk about their menstruations without feeling ashamed.

I've just started to use menstrual cups after years of researches on the subject (I needed to leave my parents' home for good to buy one since my mother is against menstrual cups though she doesn't understand a thing about them). I have a small Lunette and it's great, I had absolutely no leakage, no problem, it's thick enough and firm/soft enough for me. However, I am currently at home unemployed (and a student who barely has any classes to attend) so it's quite easy to empty it when I feel the need to.

Next year will be a bit different though, I'll have to work a lot more and will probably have fewer access to a bathroom and I'm afraid I might get leakage on my heavy flow days. I have a relatively light flow, but better safe than sorry.

I was wondering which cup I should get and thought about a big Divacup because it's apparently about as soft as the small Lunette (however, I really like the blue Lunette). I've been looking at Meluna as well but it seems that I should get a Meluna L if I ever wanted one.

I'm 22, a virgin so naturally, I had no children. The small Luna fits well, I feel no pain inserting it or removing it from vagina (though sometimes it's a bit trickier, but I've noticed that what I think may be my hymen has been torn and seems to be thicker somedays, plus I don't really care about the pain).

The Lunette is about 4cm wide, which is relatively small. The big Lunette and the Diva are only 5 or 6mm bigger, while it does make a difference, I don't think it'll be so bad that I can't use it... I've read many virgins, even younger than I, who were wearing bigger cups than the small Lunette.

When I use the small Lunette, it doesn't move or anything but I think I could fit something bigger without feeling any discomfort since I can put my fingers around the edges of the cup when I remove it.

What I can't tell is where my cervix might be. I can't seem to touch it with my middle finger (about 3inches long I guess) and even with tampons I never hit it so I assume I don't have a small vagina at least so small cups may not be a good idea and long cups could probably work.

Any advice?

Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, divacup, lunette, meluna, sizes/size issues

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