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Diva Cup issues! HELP!

Ok i've successfully gotten in the Diva Cup (size 1 since i'm 19 and never had children) once (yesterday) but there was some leakage (i used a backup pad). I didn't leave it in for very long (like an hour) but removal was ok. I noticed the cup quite a bit, which makes me think it was positioned wrong. It wasn't painful but I could feel it when I moved and I was aware it was there.

It's currently the 3rd day of my period and I tried inserting it twice again today, and the first time, I managed to slide it in but it wouldn't pop open so I put it back and used a pad. The second time (like 2 minutes ago) I tried again after my shower and the first thing I noticed is my lady parts are very sore from trying to get it earlier in around the back wall of the opening of my vagina. I also noticed a bit of pain on the inside this time when I once again got it to where I did this morning. I think I managed to get it popped open this time, but I refolded it back up inside me once it popped and took it out immediately because it was very painful when it opened. I am very concerned about that. I don't know if there's any extra bleeding or anything since it's already bleeding period blood down there.

I am not a virgin so I don't think the hymen should still be there at this point. But it's been about a year since I had sex though, so could it maybe have grown back or something?.

I've tried a few different folds but right now the punch down method is the only one I can actually get into my vagina. The C/U fold is too big and the other ones end up popping open before I can get it to where it needs to be. The punch down just doesn't like popping open though

In terms of internal pain, I don't think I have a low cervix. I can't seem to tell where it is when I feel with my fingers. All I know is I feel a little pain when my finger gets about 2 inches in. I've never seemed to have this problem with tampons before.

I'm wondering if I'll ever get the hang of this thing. I really want to use it cause I'm sick and tired of wearing pads to bed in case I sleep over 8 hours with a tampon. 

Should I try it again maybe tomorrow? Or wait until my next period? Stop using it all together for a while?? Try a different brand cup??

I'm kind of scared because of the pain.
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