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I've researched, but I still need advice...

(I've never used live journal so I hope I'm posting this correctly). 

I heard about these things a few years ago and was intrigued but I never really felt like I needed one. The past few months for me have been miserable though. I have to change my ultra+ tampon every few hours it seems, I'm constantly paranoid, ruining clothes, sheets, etc. Cramps have been just awful. I've been really busy lately too so it's just been a pain. I hate changing tampons/pads in public restrooms and I hate having to stop what I'm doing and go to the restroom every couple hours to make sure I'm not leaking.
It's just been really awful..
I got fed up today and hopped online to see where I could buy a diva cup. I ended up finding out there's actually quite a few brands/ options. 
I also read quite a few horror stories that have me really scared to try one now. 
I am terrified I won't be able to remove it! I read about some people having to go to the ER and get it out! I would be mortified! 
I am 20 years old, been using tampons for the past 5 years. 
(This next part is very uncomfortable for me to write, as I am really shy about this stuff..)
I am able to feel my cervix (I think..), so I don't think I have a high cervix. Maybe just average. I would say it's about 6-7cm in. 
I am NOT able to fit more than one finger in there though.. (I hate talking about this stuff...)
So I'm not sure I will be able to remove it.. ? 
I'm also scared that it will migrate up too high and I won't be able to get it out. Will my cervix prevent this from happening? Or can it go past the cervix? 
I also heard that these help prevent cramps.. is that true? I don't understand how they would help.. 

Ugh. I need advice as to what to do. Please help me. 
If it wasn't for that fear of it getting stuck, I would've bought one today... :/
Tags: buying decisions, cervix position, cramps, heavy blood flow, removal, sizes/size issues

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