kitsunenomizu (kitsunenomizu) wrote in menstrual_cups,

About soaking in hydrogen peroxide...

I hzave had my cups for roughly 2 years, some a little over a year. Staining never really bothered me but my lunette Diana wasn't looking as pretty green as when I first received so I soaked it in a 50/50 hp and water solution and it came out looking brand new. Now since I have done that I just feel like de-staining the rest.

In my research beforehand though I noticed some of you say you soak it in the peroxide. Is this straight 3% peroxide or a dilution with water? Also I came across a post of some sort saying peroxide wasn't good to use on silicone. Is this true? Has anyone experienced ill effects with using peroxide or a peroxide solution to remove stains? Tia!
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