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Musings: Youth Health should talk about cups

I was greeted by my lovely monthly gift a few days ago, and as I do each month, I find my self thinking a lot about the wonders of my diva cup, and how I even managed to live with out it. I really feel as if the world should start the switch to more eco friendly menstrual products.

Today I was also thinking about why it is that menstrual cups aren't more popular. Why is it that in the drug store, there is a whole wall devoted to pads and tampons, and then one half of a shelf for all other menstrual products with severely lacking options if a shelf at all. Obviously its because there is a higher demand for pads and tampons, due to the fact that a good portion of the population have probably never heard of menstrual cups, and as it is not an overly common thing, some of those introduced are immediately disgusted. So, I was thinking, how is it possible to get the knowledge of menstrual cups out there so that every one knows and that in maybe 60, 70 years everyone will know of menstrual cups just as everyone knows about pads today. I realized the answer is children.

In health class at the age of 10 or 11, when the nurse comes to talk to the class, girls learn about pads and tampons. They watch "educational" videos created my the big brands such as playtex and always. There is no suggestion that other forms of period protection exist. They tell our kids (at least in BC Canada) about all the kinds of birth control (cervical cap, iuds, condoms, depo, pill, etc) but only 2 kinds of period protection. 

Sure, I think that most, if not all of the girls would still use pads and tampons at the start, but if the knowledge is there, more might be interested in trying a cup when they are more comfortable with their bodies. Also, if introduced at a younger age, it wouldn't seem quite as disturbing right off the get go.

While this is just random thoughts, I really feel as if menstrual cups should be talked about at school in health class. 

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