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Bad reaction?

So I tried out Lunette size 2 today for the first time. About an hour after insertion, I felt somewhat crampy (normal for me), and then all of a sudden extremely faint, dizzy, lightheaded, feverish, sweating profusely, nauseous, dimming vision, and had to lie down. I took the cup out (worked great actually not messy at all!) and the symptoms lessened slightly but continued for about a half hour while I threw up and had diarrhea. A year ago I would occasionally have one day of my period where I would experience extreme symptoms like this, though I have not since probably August, and it was usually on the third day of my period, not the first. (Side note: I was changing my diet a lot at the time, cutting out excess hormones, which helped tremendously with my normal cramps which used to be extremely severe, and thought it probably had to do with my still hormones getting used to things. My periods overall were much less painful, but I had this one horrible day about 3-4 cycles before it went away.)

I used to use tampons a lot, and I'm paranoid that the few months I had symptoms like this last year were possibly related to TSS, and then that what happened today might be? I also once had similar severe symptoms when I passed a piece of tissue--freaked me out but apparently it's something normal that can happen. I had a LEEP done in February and was not able to use tampons for two cycles and realized that tampons definitely caused me to have increased cramps, I believe because they press up against the opening of my cervix and/or don't let things flow as they should when my period is very heavy. So I'm also wondering if it has to do with maybe the cup pressing against the opening? Other than feeling absolutely horrible and worried that I would pass out, it worked great, so this is kind of a bummer. Any similar experiences/suggestions are much appreciated. 

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