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Leaking more than it doesn't.


I cannot for the life of me figure out why my cup is leaking so much. I have just replaced my medium MeLuna for a small Mooncup as i couldn't get the MeLuna to open properly, it was always kind of squished and leaked more than it didn't. So, i think the Mooncup is an improvement as it opens easier and seems less squishy. So, this is my first period trying the Mooncup, i tried the MeLuna for 3 periods and abandoned it.

I follow the instructions to the letter, I use a push down fold, i push it in towards my back and after a bit of poking and twisting it opens. How do I know if there is a suction seal? It is REALLY easy to remove you see, and it leaks. A lot. I don't have a very heavy flow yet I do get bad cramps. I have tried leaving it low down and pushing it a bit higher up. I have also recently been for a smear test, the nurse had a little trouble locating my cervix so i presume it is quite high up, i haven't managed to feel it yet.

I am wondering if I am missing something really important that I'm not doing ... I have read A LOT of forums and website advise and the only reason I can think of is that I'm not positioning it properly. I have tried feeling for my cervix but alas, it does not wish to be found. If I have a weirdly high cervix could this be the problem? Also, sometimes when i put it in i can hear air inhale which i am assuming is the seal? But it still leaks. MEH!

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