Jenn (ennifer_jay) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Finding my cup, part 2

So I finally found my cervix! It's reaaaally far and took a lot of reaching to access it.

With that knowledge: do you have any recommendations regarding cups? My first instinct is to go with the Diva Cup, but I don't want to overlook any other (and possibly better) options simply because the Diva Cup is so well known.

Necessary info: I have a very heavy flow (I usually use Super or Super Plus tampons for majority of my period, and my period lasts 6-7 days), I'm 22 (23 in July), I've never had penetrative sex, and I've never been pregnant (and I don't want to ever be pregnant).

(ETA: and yes, I've consulted sizecharts, but people's opinions are always important as well ^_^)
Tags: buying decisions

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