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Is this worth it for me?

I've spent at least 12 total hours reading on cups over the past year... I was getting more than tired of pads, and I'm allergic to tampons, so I really wanted to try a cup. I asked people about it, read for hours, and came and asked a question about my dry runs on here two weeks ago (thanks ladies!). I ordered a small ladycup and was so excited. I got the divawash and the milton tablets and figured out what container I could use, etc. I posted on facebook to all my girl friends about this and got their support. I stretched my vaginal opening for two weeks until I could fit two knuckles width. Dry runs were very difficult and internally and externally painful, so I waited for my period.

The night before last, I started my period and got it in no problem. I figured out the best way for me to get it in is the punch-down, pointed to the left, and scooting in to the base. It opens and I push the stem in. No problem. Slight pain when it opened, which scared me more than hurt me the first time, but I nearly couldn't wait until morning to see the results. When I woke up, I leaked after a few minutes of moving around, so I took a shower. It had rode up (high cervix) during the night, so I squatted and bore down. I got the stem, pulled slightly to get it lower, and then got my middle finger in behind it, squeezed to break suction, and pulled it out squished. I couldn't have relaxed more, but it still hurt getting it out. I figured if that was the worst of it, I could deal. Slight pain here and there, what of it?

OMG. Second run was hell. I put it back in when I was in the shower then. Less than two hours later, I had overflowed again. Got back in the shower, and I could NOT get it out. I could reach it, I could break suction, I could pull, but the pain was so much greater and I had to take several breaks and try again. Once I screamed, and then the determination set in and I finally got it out with intense pain though it was as squished as I could manage (How on earth do you get it C-folded while it's in there?? Seemed impossible! I can only get one finger in with it). Peeing since then has hurt. 42 hours later and I'm almost healed. I definitely tore something.

So I'm disappointed at this point. I know I'm in the dreadful learning curve, but it doesn't seem worth it as this point. Changing it every hour on my heavy days? NO. I can't at work.. or school. At this point, I can only get it in laying down, and only get it out squatting to the ground. Get a larger cup? Um.. yea, as a virgin, even with no hymen, that doesn't seem real appealing as I remember the pain of getting a small one out every time (and considering that blood and guts are oozing out as I'm trying to remove this thing, I would think my vaginal opening is as lubricated as it can possibly be and STILL getting the same pain as dry). Longer? Sure. Stiffer? NO. I can still feel the stem when it moves inside me, and it's the softest stem out there. I don't want to be able to feel anything in there. Tampons are sooo incredible uncomfortable, and I don't want anything stiffer than the ladycup. Don't need it - suction and opening is just fine.

The idea of being able to forget about it and not change it as often as pads appealed to me.. but that's not reality here. Saving money isn't worth the pain or mess. Those were my hooks. Now I'm not so thrilled..
Tags: first time use, heavy blood flow, lady cup, leakage & spotting, removal - painful or problems, sizes/size issues, virginity

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