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In a bind, bought Divacup, LOVE IT!

Hi all!

Just another person who came onto this site to research cups and is very thankful!!.  I am 24, sexually active, no babies. I got an IUD (paraguard, i love it, good for up to 10 years, no hormones. downsides: cramping, heavy bleeding!)  inserted about 3 months ago, and since then my periods have been VERY heavy.  It was only then that I started to really think about and investigate what tampons are made of (because i was using like 7 a day).  I was disgusted by the bleach and synthetics and pesticides on cotton etc. and decided i didn't want to put that in my body any more.  I was getting ready to order a cup online, but, like many, was having a hard time deciding what was best for me. 
It wasn't until yesterday, when i left my house to visit my parents 2 hours away and forgot to bring ANY tampons with me, when i decided to call the whole foods by their house and have them put a Divacup aside for me.  My decision was made for me, since I was in a bind, but it was the push that i needed!  i have been using the cup for about 12 hours so far and i LOVE it. i woke up this morning and didn't even feel like i had my period.  The only reason i remembered i had the cup in was because i was so excited about it!  I had no troubles putting it in, except i couldn't rotate it a full circle like it was suggested. i took it out and inserted it half way, did the full circle rotation, then continued sliding it in.   Perfection! 
Thank you all so much for sharing your stories, it has helped immensely.  I am going to recommend the cup and this site to all my friends, since i am the first of my friends (that i know of) to have one of these!
Tags: divacup, first time use, heavy blood flow, success stories

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