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Help the confused newbie!

I am looking to buy a cup and have been researching for quite some time, but I am just confused by all these stats and what they necessarily mean to me.

I have been using Insteads for years and they were a miracle to me. While I love what they do, I hate them. So I am looking to get a different type of cup that fits me.

For my stats: I am 26, sexually active, with no kids. I have a fairly small vagina. I can reach the back (beyond my cervix) with my middle finger (although I have long fingers) which is about 8cm. My cervix sits fairly low during menstruation where I only have a bit of clearing for the Instead rim to fit underneath to go around my cervix. My cervix is probably 5cm from my vaginal opening. My vagina is narrow in that I can only fit 2 fingers in there with some discomfort. To give you an idea (if you've ever used one), the Instead cup fills up my entire vagina and I can pop it out easily by bearing down just a tiny bit. I am currently using the Nuvaring, but that may or may not last long. My periods are very heavy for 3-4 days. After that, they are pretty light for another 2-3 days.

Starting to use the Nuvaring was my last straw for using Insteads. I don't have any room to fit another object in there and the entirely soft lining would envelope the Nuvaring to where I think it was ineffective. I hate that Insteads leak a lot, but they were a good introduction into the world of menstrual cups as tampons and pads made my life a nightmare for many years.

I am looking for a cup that will fit better than Instead and that has a medium to high capacity. I have no idea what squishiness factor I need, but I assume somewhere in the middle will be best.

Can anyone recommend cup brands based off all that? Like I said, I have been researching but I feel lost with all this info and don't know where to start. Any advice or suggestions would be great!
Tags: buying decisions, nuvaring
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