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Insertion trouble!

Hi all! I am new here and new to menstrual cups. I just got my diva cup in the mail a couple weeks ago and I wanted to get some dry runs in before it was time for my period. Unfortunately I can not seem to get the darn thing in! It keeps unfolding right as I barely have it inserted and will not go in. I have tried the c fold, punch down, and a few variations of the 7 fold. I have tried it sitting, squatting, one leg on the tub, and lying down. I have tried running it under warm water to soften the material, and using some water based lube. Unfortunately with the lube it makes my fingers slippery and then I have a REALLY hard time holding onto it. So far I have only gotten it in once, and that was laying down on my bed. But realistically I am not laying on my bed during my period, and trying to mess with it. I have very heavy period.

The one time I did get it in, it fit very comfortably, and I was able to remove it with no problem. But I did discover problem #2. Once it was in me I tried to give it a rotation, and could not for the life of me get a good grip on it, or get it to turn.

I am 26, married and therefore not a virgin. No pregnancies. I ordered the diva size 1. I used to sell Pure Romance, and without going into to much detail I am very familiar with my anatomy. I have a high cervix (I can't even reach it with my stubby fingers), and a low pubic bone. I learned about my low pubic bone using tampons. I would have to use the top of the applicator to really shove it up there or else once I got up and starting walking, the movements would sent it flying out in minutes. I am wondering if my pubic bone is what is getting in the way of insertion. I don't feel like I have a small vaginal opening. I have some "novelties" that are bigger around than the cup. I also discovered that I get once chance, maybe two if I am lucky to try inserting it. After one try my vagina tightens up like crazy and I have to stop for a while and try again. This I find really odd, because I have never had any symptoms before of vaginismus. =/

Any and all advice is appreciated. I would hate to subject my husband to inserting it for me. But being the saint that he is, he probably would if I asked him. But knowing him he would do it all wrong, as men tend to do. Which BTW just for lolz, when I got my diva in the mail I showed it to him and he nick named it my "crotch goblet". :)
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