mrg2004 (mrg2004) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cutting off meluna stem

Hello everyone,
I've been using my small lunette (with the stem completely removed) over a year now and much prefer it to tampons or pads, but I still suffer from some problems:
-I have a very low cervix, and my lunette sits around it and kinda squishes it, and although it doesn't cause any pain, my cervix feels kinda swollen afterwards... so I have to give it a couple hours rest before using my cup again.
-I leak at night, no matter what I try (and I've tried)
So my current period routine is: wake up, insert cup, and before bed empty cup. I sleep with cloth pads.
After much research I've decided I want to try a shorter and wider cup, the old (mini) soft medium meluna, but it is not offered in basic, my lunette is 48 mm long and usually sits right at my entrance, even a bit out, and the medium meluna with the ball stem (which is the shortest) is 53 mm long.
has anyone here chopped off a meluna ball stem before?  removing the lunette stem was easy enough but since the meluna is TPE I worry it will be harder.   If I plan to remove the stem, should I buy the traditional stem or try and see if the ball stem is OK, and if not cut the ball stem off?  
Tags: meluna, meluna - soft, stem length/trimming

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