arcticfox97 (arcticfox97) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Recommend me cups that fit my description?

Hello again! I believe I just asked a question last night, but this time I want to get opinions from this whole community rather than asking a couple of people at a time. So I'm looking to buy a new menstrual cup -- I've already had experience with the small DivaCup and after quite a few tries it did not go so well. 

I'm fifteen and I have a rather small build (so smaller cups are probably more useful for me) and I am a virgin who does not have much experience with having anything inside of my vagina. The DivaCup had much, much too strong of a suction for me and it was also too big for me, unfortunately. I have a rather heavy flow, and you can tell me if my cervix is high or low: I'm on my period, and just about my whole index finger can go in until I can feel it.
I also have a hard time holding onto the folds of my Diva as the cup is rather stiff / firm. 
So I'm typically looking for a cup that has a weaker suction than the Diva, is smaller but can accommodate my heavy flow for at least a decent amount of time, and is softer. (Sounds like I'm looking for a perfect cup, but anything that's not as big and strong-suctioned as the Diva may be suitable...)

I heard the Lunette is good for people like me as well as the MeLuna, but I also heard some controversy over the suction and size of the UK Mooncup... anyone who is similar to me, or has in the past had a cup that could be good for someone like myself who can give me recommendations would be absolutely fantastic. Thanks in advance and I'm very excited to see the possible suggestions as I know there are many cups out there!
Tags: buying decisions, heavy blood flow, where to buy

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