daniellebee88 (daniellebee88) wrote in menstrual_cups,

question about soap

Hi there everyone!

I am about to try my Lunette Selene for the first time this week :)  Before I use it however does anyone have any boiling tips?  What kind of soap do you all use to wash your cups with?  I cannot find any liquid unscented hand soap.  Walmarts don't seem to have them (or I could just be missing them).  I DO have unscented dove bar soap, but I wanted to check with what everyone else does first.

I'll be sure to post how it goes :) I'm kind of nervous and have been trying to convince my mother that it's safe.  She's not 100% sold on the idea.  Hopefully it goes well :)  

Thank you!
Tags: cleaning, cleaning - boiling, first time use, lunette
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