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Oh my god..I'm overwhelmed and can't commit. Please help!

I have a tough time nailing down a purchasing decisions without doing a bunch of research but my research into cups has landed me in LALAnoncommittalLand. I am so confused at this point with all the numbers and lengths and softness and flow charts. So I just need some noodling this out help. I know there's a zillion posts like this and I am just hopeful you won't mind another one.

So! Let's get down to it.

I'm 32, no kids and have a flow like a wounded animal running for it's life. I have no idea why, but it torments me. First day, eh, it's okay...second and third day I might as well plop my booty on the toilet and wait it out. Then for the last 3-4 days it kinda comes and goes. My cervix is about 3 inches up when I'm not bleeding to death but when I went feeling around for it during my Tidal Wave I couldn't find that little nub, just angry squish. So I really have no idea where it goes when Aunt Flow is visiting. The heavy days can lead me through 3-5 super tampons and it's a plain ol' mess. I just can't deal with tampons anymore..they are starting to hurt and I'm just over it. 

I'm not too wussy when it comes to pain but I haven't been enthused about the complaints the harder cups have, but the softer cups don't seem to seal according to others. I just don't want to pick one that's too soft and find myself pouring red wine all over my pants to try and hide the fact that I flowed over nor do I want to walk like I was just riding a horse for 12 hours straight and crying. 

For a while I was pondering the Large Diva but I think I just need someone to go "You know! That sounds like a fine decision." Any nudging would be greatly appreciated so I can finally make up my mind!

Thank you!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, sizes/size issues
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