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08 May 2012 @ 04:18 pm
After using the Mooncup UK for around half a year now, I can clearly say I'm happy with it- yet I think there are some flaws that I thought someone could help me out with.

Firstly, recently it seems that I'm having to wear pads along with the cup anyway; I don't know if this is purely down to because it's the heaviest days of my period? Bearing in mind that I go to school still, I try to only go to empty it once a day- I just put up with the pad because I don't like to waste them. I was thinking that maybe I might need a bigger cup, the only problem is that living in the Uk means ordering on the net and I'm only 16. Then again, if you feel that this is probably the problem then maybe some suggestions for me?

Also, I find that despite how confident I am with using the cup, I can't seem to use it quick or effective enough in public loos or round other people's houses; I take heck knows long trying to do everything at once and then worry so much that I'll get blood all over the place. Rather embarrassing really. This is going to sound gross, sorry! But, I've noticed that when I take the cup out the blood is sometimes 'string-like' and I literally sit there and have to wait until it 'falls down'- I mean trying to hold onto the cup, stopping any blood getting on the floor or my clothes and having to do that as well is just damn difficult. Anyone got any advice for me?

m03m on May 8th, 2012 04:20 pm (UTC)
The 'string effect' is very common! Here's what I do: I make sure I have a piece of toilet paper lying on my knee in advance, ready to grab.
Arrow_Bright: Gusarrow_bright on May 8th, 2012 04:52 pm (UTC)
I always wear a pad with my cup. A medium one on heavier days and overnight for the first couple of days or so and just a liner after that. It doesn't bother me, though, because I use cloth pads. You may want to consider looking into cloth pads if you find that you need to wear a pad or liner with your cup. They're much more comfortable.

If you do want to look for a bigger capacity cup (and the MCUK is the third smallest in capacity), check out the sizecharts. There seem to be a few that are similarly sized as the MCUK that have a greater capacity.

I get the string-like stuff too sometimes. I just wipe it away with toilet paper.
Lebannen Luitreath: Norway can be prettylebannen on May 8th, 2012 07:30 pm (UTC)
Yes, if you have a heavy flow you will need to empty a cup more than once a day. With a not-too-heavy flow I could get away with emptying it first thing in the morning, once immediately on getting home, and once at night, but usually there are days when it needs to be emptied at least one more time than that.

You could always get a large Mooncup from Boots or possibly your local hippy-type wholefoodsy ecover-selling shop, unless you think that wouldn't be big enough for you.

To deal with the gloopiness, in excruciating detail, what works for me is removing and emptying the cup while actually sitting on the loo, and also wiping both myself and the cup before standing up. This usually means getting some paper ready first to wipe of the worst of any dangling bits, getting more paper to wipe the cup and prevent any drips anywhere, and only then properly cleaning myself up. And then, once I'm all put back together, checking various places including the underside of the loo seat for any drips. The only person who has ever commented about a mess was my mum, and that was what made me start checking more carefully (and I don't even live in my mum's house any more!)

I can totally understand not wanting to take an unusual amount of time in the loo when there are people waiting for you or you're at someone else's house; I spent my own teenage years being SO concerned that other people could hear me changing pads or would in some other way know that I was changing a tampon, which seems ridiculous when it's written down like that, but there you go. I think probably the only solution is to be around people who are older and not going to care, because guess what, they have periods too (or, if they are people who don't have periods, they will have spent more time around people who do have periods, and be more used to it). Sorry, I know that's not very helpful in the short term, so for now, do whatever feels most comfortable to you. It will get easier to decide what that is.
chamekke: cha_maneki_nekochamekke on May 9th, 2012 06:20 am (UTC)
Lots of good advice above :-) FWIW, here's what I do on my extra-gloopy days: sit on the toilet, get some toilet paper ready, remove the cup and let gravity do most of the work. Then I use the TP to wipe out any remaining gloop. In fact I usually have 2 or 3 strips of toilet paper at the ready (you can lay them across your knee as m03m suggests) for various purposes: pour encourager le gloop, to clean the last traces out of the cup, and to do a self-wipe. It takes a little extra preparation, but once you get the hang of it, it's not too bad.

And as for taking extra time... admittedly most of us are self-conscious in the loo, but we don't usually think twice about the individual in the next stall who's taking 'a long time', so really they're not likely to be thinking about us, are they? If anything they're too busy being self-conscious about their own toilet noises!
teacupcake89 on May 9th, 2012 07:50 pm (UTC)
Fellow UK cup user here :)

I started out with a MCUK too, but I'm currently using a Lunette Small and a Large Fleurcup (both of which are much softer than the MCUK which helped me loads with insertion and hold more for my heavier days: the fleurcup almost double capacity!)

I bought mine from Femininewear.co.uk which has free UK delivery and she's really nice! she might have some other suggestions re payment, checques, postal orders maybe which might be better if you don't have a debit/cashcard? Paypal is safe to pay for online if that's a worry :)

Having to empty your cup every 4-8 hours is pretty normal so it might just be that you need to empty it more often.

I take a small bottle of water for rinsng and maybe some tissues into the toilet with me (in my bag for college). I unscrew the bottle lid and put some bunches of toilet paper on top of my bag/on the toilet roll holder for easy access BEFORE removal so I don't have to faff around holding the cup whilst trying to rip off paper! this also helps with any string-yness or mess. a small travel packet of wetwipes/babywipes would help with feeling clean also!

Stringy-ness: I used to get this with pads and sometimes the quickest way is to 'pull' it out with toilet roll, or use one of wads of prepared toilet roll to put in between your legs after removal to catch anything whilst you wipe/rinse the cup and then wipe yourself with the bunch of toilet paper before re-inserting!

When you remove the cup is it (almost)full? if not, it could be that your cervix is taking up some capacity on the days when it lowers down (a wider cup like a large fleur would sit around the cervix better)

is the 'leakage' you're experiencing enough to need a pad constantly or more of a spotting in the first hour after insertion? If it's only a bit then it's probably the blood that moved down in between inserting it again and is below the rim (called 'residual slobber' here!)

wow, didn't mean to write so much! I hope some of this helps! :)
amethfulem on May 10th, 2012 03:38 pm (UTC)
Thank you for all the really helpful advice everyone! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with these problems, I'll definitely try all of the techniques you mentioned. :)

MCUK users unite!
I've actually looked at that site myself, and it would probably be the place where I'd order it from. (And me, being the silly person I am, didn't realise that I have a debit card...) About the leakage, the cup is usually full every time I come to empty it. I'm positive that the blood on the pad isn't spotting at all, I'd guess it's the blood that's escaping because the cup can't hold any more. (Of course this is when I would change it, but when I'm at school it's a tad more difficult than that.)

Also, does anyone know someone who's a Diva cup convert? I've been looking at that particular brand and thought that might be a better replacement. Just the fact it seems to have the same dimensions at the Mooncup but with a bigger capacity. Thanks!