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07 May 2012 @ 01:05 am

I'm fairly new to cup-using. I bought my Mooncup about a month ago but I've only tried it twice while on my period.

I've got a problem when creating the suction after inserting. Well, I don't know if it's a problem really... But every time, when suction happens, it hurts a bit. That's how I know it's popped open and everything: when there's a slight surprising pain up towards my cervix. The thing is, I've tried the cup again today andit did that again, except that the pain felt more like period cramps.

Maybe it's worth saying that I've had more painful cramps since I've first tried using the cup. Like, two/three days (I spend the third one in bed, that's never happened before) instead of the first day, even though I wasn't using the cup these days.
Anyway, today the pain when inserting feels more like cramps and it hasn't really stopped, even though it's been about 20 minutes.

That pain I feel every time is what's stopping me from using it daily... And I'm worried I might be doing something wrong since it's slightly painful now still.

Can anyone give me some advice? Thank you.

Angela Heckmanaxjohnson on May 7th, 2012 12:24 am (UTC)
Ive used a cup for about almost 3 years now, different brands Diva Fluercup and now a Lunette. I have had this happen a few times, the problem for me was after inserting it I would always gently grab the bottle of the cup and turn it into a circle 2 times to create a suction so it stays in place better, if you do this to many times it basically causes to much suction and can put pressure on your cervix causing cramping and pain around or on the cervix making it sore, im not sure if you do that at all. Also, a helpful tip i found sometimes using a glycerin free waterbased lubricant helped ease pain and discomfort from inserting it and what not.
Choupsmyself_or_not on May 7th, 2012 12:33 am (UTC)
I'm having a surprisingly easy time inserting the cup, it really is the suction part that hurts a lot. What I do is that I run my finger around the cup and push on the walls of my vagina to make sure the cup is all round, and then I try "relieving" a hole or get air up there by pushing on my vagina walls to the top of the cup, and when it pops completely open that's when it hurts. It's a sudden, surprising pain that goes away (except for today). So maybe it's because the suction is too strong that it hurts? Or maybe I'm not used to it? I'm not sure I'm doing it right...
:)tin_foil_hat on May 7th, 2012 01:25 am (UTC)
I had a partner who had a similar reaction to the cup. She tried it a few times and then stopped using it.

I don't put the cup up right near my cervix (although sometimes it does migrate up there). I place it about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up the vagina, so it doesn't have the cervix suction (and thus doesn't speed up my period time the way it does for others) but it is comfortable there and doesn't leak. I don't know if this is feasible for everyone, or just a convenient feature of my body.
m03m on May 7th, 2012 06:07 am (UTC)
Could it be that the cup hits you in the cervix when it pops open? You might want to try letting it open a bit lower and then puahing it up.
Ashatenlegspider on May 7th, 2012 09:24 am (UTC)
That's what I've been thinking. I don't have any experience with cervix issues, but from reading here I know that cramping means pressure on your cervix. From the description it sounds more likely that it's the position of the rim when open rather than suction that's causing discomfort. This issue comes up quite often, so look through the "cramps" tag or try the search function to find some advice if someone doesn't provide some here first.
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on May 7th, 2012 11:55 am (UTC)
The idea is to get air into/above your cup during insertion and removal. Try creating an air channel with your finger on the soft back side of your vagina. Another option is to carefully enlarge the anti-suction holes around the rim. As for suction while it's in use, there shouldn't be any. http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/2091967.html
canonalltheway on July 12th, 2012 07:07 am (UTC)
Ohgeez this scares me. I've got the keeper moon cup size A (ordered the wrong size, and the seller was an IDIOT and NEVER replied to my emails asking to cancel). I'm fifteen & a virgin, but was once determined to make it work. I've given up. I didn't even try. XD I don't think I should. These horror stories scare me :S so, instead, I'll suffer with pads until I can get my hands on $40+ to buy a lunette. smh, I had a feeling I'd need the lunette, but money restricted me. Now I've got something I can't use & am out $20. XD oh well, my fault.