Choups (myself_or_not) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Inserting cup and suction

I'm fairly new to cup-using. I bought my Mooncup about a month ago but I've only tried it twice while on my period.

I've got a problem when creating the suction after inserting. Well, I don't know if it's a problem really... But every time, when suction happens, it hurts a bit. That's how I know it's popped open and everything: when there's a slight surprising pain up towards my cervix. The thing is, I've tried the cup again today andit did that again, except that the pain felt more like period cramps.

Maybe it's worth saying that I've had more painful cramps since I've first tried using the cup. Like, two/three days (I spend the third one in bed, that's never happened before) instead of the first day, even though I wasn't using the cup these days.
Anyway, today the pain when inserting feels more like cramps and it hasn't really stopped, even though it's been about 20 minutes.

That pain I feel every time is what's stopping me from using it daily... And I'm worried I might be doing something wrong since it's slightly painful now still.

Can anyone give me some advice? Thank you.

Tags: insertion, insertion - painful or problems, keeper moon cup, seal & suction

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